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Why did I get into real estate?

After graduating from Oakville Trafalgar High School in 1997, a short couple years after I ventured on a trip to London, England, it was there, I discovered myself. And on my penultimate day of my 2 week holiday, I decided (rather cheekily), if I wake up on time for my flight I would return to my existence in Canada. And if I did not: I would continue my journey in London. 

And of course with that drive and desire to continue my exciting adventure, I likely purposely and consciously slept in.

From that day on began my adventure in England. 

I found work, as a bar tender. I received top of the line training in upscale bars, where stars such as Madonna had shot music videos and in world-known jazz clubs. It was there where I was taught military-like behaviours and skills, tending immaculately to my customers. It was that training that ultimately drove me to become a Personal Assistant to a multitude of businesses. From Creative Businesses, to Banking, to Tax Consultants and Presidents of Companies. I attended Middlesex University where I received my BA hons majoring in Media Writing & a minor in Journalism & Communications, which ultimately landed me in Film Production. I finished my stint in London by producing a South London based film by the time my second child was just 6 weeks old. 

And then after an 11 year ‘holiday’ that had began as 2 weeks, I found a new home - New York City. And as luck would have it, I found it to be even more exhilarating. But as life has it, I returned to London and finally back to where I began life: Canada.

I moved from London, to New York and back to London before residing in Canada all in the course of one year. Three countries and three moves all in one year, and it was then that my desire to assist others in moving began to emerge.

After two years in Oakville, I itched to move back to a City, longed for it, missed it and dreamt for the day to return.

I moved to Toronto, moving 3 more times in the City. It were these experiences that finally cemented my desire to help others find a place they could call home. 

Home is not just a dwelling. Your home is the place where you feel safe, secure, where friends are close, where family is near. It’s a place where you eat, sleep and drink. 

After seven moves in only 4 years, I started to wish: if only I had had someone to assist. After 2 years as a personal assistant to a pharmaceutical company, I studied furiously to obtain my real estate license so I could finally start the career I had longed for.

My goal is to help buyers find the home they long for. To help sellers do the same. 

Motivated by my own experiences, and the skills I’ve obtained through my training, University, producing, being the right hand woman as a Personal assistant, my challenge and my goal, is to help people (like you) Find Home.


Now living in Toronto, I specialise in helping people (like you) find homes in the GTA. First time home buyers, repeat home buyers and those looking for investment properties; all in the GTA.

Languages: English / Anglais

Helen McIntyre

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